How do you go virtual? It’s not easy, but we’re here to help. We have experts on staff to guide you no matter what the type of event — concert, comedy show, speaker, orientation, homecoming, gala, or fundraiser. Our FanFX virtual platform is turnkey for the buyer and was specifically built to customize to the client, engage the audience and enable interaction.


Artists, celebrities, and entertainers are becoming more comfortable in the virtual space. Until we’re back to traditional, live events — the virtual space is a great way to find enormous value on major, national music acts, comedians, celebrities, speakers, and more. We’ve helped our clients score deals on artists they would have never entertained in the live performance space. 


Degy to its core is here for the music, we are so happy to have a platform for our artists to perform for you virtually! Not only do many of our roster acts offer virtual shows, but we can also provide you with National Acts offering virtual performances! Our flagship virtual program ‘Friday Night Live’ has paved the way for us to be recognized in the industry at providing top-quality virtual entertainment.


Our interactive events are out of this world, unique, and connect your group in ways that you never thought possible. Grab your detective badges and check out our truly unique Virtual Murder Mysteries, Virtual Detective Games, and other awesome Interactive Events. Our goal with Interactive events is to connect the audience and have fun in a group setting – virtually!


Degy’s amazing Virtual DJ’s and event creators have dreamed up some amazing ways to have virtual dance parties. From virtual bingo to live salsa lessons  – we’ve got it all! Virtual dance parties are a great way to appeal to large audiences, and some of our options have unlimited capacity!


Let’s face it… funny is funny no matter where you are, who you’re with, or how you hear it. Degy’s Virtual Comedy shows take it to the next level and bring a professionally produced & FUNNY experience for your group!


Check out some of our great speakers and poets ranging from a wide variety of topics! Listen in to some of the greatest speakers within the industry and take notes that can be shared throughout to world!


Degy’s flagship virtual programs include Friday Night Live (Showcase Style) LIVE program, Coffee Talk (talk show style program) with Live Guests!, Learn That Thing! (virtual learn ANYTHING style event), and our Wednesday WEDMAT (performing arts series).

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