Here in our latest Blog entry, Degy Corporate Division Agent, Nikki Franklin gives a quick run down of a few things to keep in mind when bringing on a talent buyer for your event.


No one wants to pay more than they have to for goods or services. Many industries encourage shopping around for the best deal and negotiating the lowest price possible. While that can certainly apply to booking celebrity talent, there are best practices that should be followed. Below, we’ve outlined six do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding the right talent buyer for your needs:

  • DO spend time getting to know your talent buyer.

Experienced talent buyers understand that strong relationships are the key to successful bookings. When considering agents to work with, ask him or her about their experience. Ask about the booking process they use and make sure you understand what their services entail.

  • DO expect your talent buyer to be easy to communicate with.

A client-focused buyer will respond to you within a few hours and will make themselves available to you as needed (even before or after business hours) if you have an event coming up. If you’re having trouble reaching your buyer, it could be time to find a new one.

  • DON’T ask multiple agents to provide talent for the same event.

It may seem like asking multiple agents to provide pricing for XYZ celebrity is a good way to find out who can offer the best deal. However, the performance fee for that act is the same regardless of which buyer you use. Multiple agents calling on the same act brings the booking process to a halt and causes confusion. You should choose your agent before asking anyone to check availability or pricing for an artist.

  • DO understand your talent buyer’s fees.

The biggest differences between buyers is in the fees that they charge, their ability to negotiate with talent and their buying power. Your buyer should be open and honest about how much their services cost. If you find that an agent is hesitant to explain their booking fee, find someone who is more transparent.

  • DO work with a buyer who has buying power and leverage in the industry.

An agent who books celebrity talent hundreds of times each year is going to be able to get you a much better deal than a buyer who only books talent a handful of times. This is referred to as buying power or leverage. Agents who book frequently will be the first to know of routed dates, performance fee changes, and more.

  • DO pick an agent or agency that is experienced in booking talent for your type of event.

Booking an act to perform at a ticketed event is much different than booking one to perform for a private event. Don’t be afraid to ask your buyer for client references who have produced similar events to yours. These references will be able to assure you that your buyer knows the nuances that come with booking entertainers in situations similar to yours.



About the Author: 

Nikki began her career in the entertainment industry as an intern at a boutique agency in St. Louis, MO. Fast forward almost 10 years and Nikki has managed nearly every element of an event. From talent buying to venue programming and concert/event production, Nikki has honed her skills in the special event industry. Her clients have ranged from private individuals and Fortune 500 companies to the United States Military, casinos and non-profit foundations.

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