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Our Rewards Program is the only one of its kind offered by any agency in the country. We started this program with you in mind as a way to show our thanks for your business. From your very first booking with Degy, you are entered into our Rewards Program at the Bronze Status automatically making you eligible for monthly deals! As you continue to book more shows with us your status level will rise and make you eligible for MORE deals and discounts! As always, these special deals only last one month. So book now and don’t miss out on great a chance to bring these hot young acts on campus!

“What is this Rewards Program about?”

  • This is a way for us to say, “Thanks for doing business with us, we really appreciate it and dig working with you guys!”

“How do I earn points?”

  • It’s easy, keep reading! You’ll see you can earn some points for just checking in with us online, but you earn more points the more you book with Degy.

How you earn Rewards Points…


By doing any of the following you earn a point; and you didn’t spend a dime! ( #DegyRewards )

  • Degy Facebook ( “Like” 1 Point
  • Twitter (@DegyEnt) “Follow” 1 Point
  • Instagram (degyent ) “Follow” 1 Point
  • Youtube Channel “Follow” 1 Point
  • Tweet pics of promo for your upcoming Degy show (#DegyRewards ) 1 Point
  • Check in w/ Ari/Jeff at the Degy Ed Session at Conferences 1 Point


Spending within these $ amounts earns you the designated amount of points.

  • $0 – $1,000 10 Points
  • $1,001 – $5,000 20 Points
  • $5,001 – $25,000 30 Points
  • $25,001 – $50,000 40 Points
  • $51,000 and up 50 Points
  • Refer a new artist to Degy that we sign to our roster. 50 Points
  • Refer a new school to us who confirms a booking. 50 Points
  • Refer a new school that CONFIRMS a middling date with us. 100 Points

100 Points = $100 off the price of next booking. 

“OK…But what ELSE did we win?!?”

  • The more rewards you earn, the higher your status, the higher your status, the better the prizes! You want to fly “first class”, don’t you?


  • Bronze: 0-99 Points
  • Congrats, you’re in the Program!!!
  • Silver: 100 Points
  • You’ve earned your first reward, a “Degy Rewards Coupon”!
  • Gold: 300 Points
  • In addition to earning your savings you get: signed posters & swag from major Degy shows as well as a $25 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Platinum: 500 Points
  • You won your Student Activities Board (SAB) an end of/beginning of year pizza party or ice cream social (your choice) and Degy is foot’n the bill!!! (*Up to twenty people)
  • Diamond: 1000 Points
  • You won a FREE TABLET of Degy’s choice or similar gift for your SAB office!

Monthly promos:

Every month there we will offer special discounts via email on Featured Degy Acts. Each Rewards Status level will be entitled to certain discounts, but the higher your status level, the better the discounts!

Here’s the fine print…

THE RULES (subject to change):

  • Discounts earned through the Degy Rewards Program can only be applied towards shows with artists exclusively on the Degy roster. Unfortunately, we cannot extend these deals to our major/middling concerts and comedy events.
  • All “Degy Rewards Coupons” (aka: $100 discounts) earned must be used by confirming shows before the end of the calendar year (shows may take place after that, we just need to book them before the end of the year).
  • All unused “Degy Rewards Coupons” (aka: $100 discounts) will be null and void in the new year.
  • All unused reward points that have not added up to a “Degy Rewards Coupon” (aka: $100 discounts) will carry over at years end to the new year (see below).
  • Rewards are totaled for each account collectively
  • Some schools are not permitted to accept monetary or non-monetary rewards, and we are willing to discuss trade for your value (as needed) *Monthly Highlight Artist Discounts cannot be used in combination with Degy Rewards Coupons*

Example: if you only earned 81 points in the year 2014, you carry those points over into 2015. If you earned 181 points in 2014, you would have earned one (1) “Degy Rewards Coupon” that you would need to use towards a booking, confirmed before the end of the year. You would then still carry over the remaining 81 points that did not reach another “Degy Rewards Coupon” earned.

Interested In Working With Us?

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