Posted On: 11/28/2023

Author: Emily Weinpel & Jeff Hyman, Vice President

For a seamless festival experience, here are 8 practical tips to keep in mind. From understanding artists and ensuring comfort to budgeting wisely and preparing for the unexpected, these insights pave the way to success. 

  1. Plan Ahead for Festival Success  

At the core of festival success lies thorough planning. This means intimately understanding the artists you’ve booked, including their set times and any specific requests or rider requirements they may have. Once you have this information, be sure to follow up with the artist to ensure that you can implement what the artist needs or negotiate based on your resources available. 

Furthermore, the vast crowds and chaos of a festival can lead to communication breakdowns or lost team members. To counter these challenges, establish a designated meeting point where your team and artists can regroup during the event, ensuring that everyone stays connected amidst the festivities. Additionally, make sure everyone knows what their role will look like before the festival begins by delegating specific daily tasks and responsibilities to each staff member. 

2. Comfort is Key 

Comfort is an often-overlooked aspect of festival preparation, yet it’s central to your overall experience when you’re working. Pack spare clothing items, including an extra set of socks. Festivals are notorious for unpredictable weather, and wet socks can put a damper on your abilities. Select comfortable, sturdy shoes capable of enduring long hours of walking and standing. Sneakers or boots are the optimal choices, and they should be well-suited to the festival terrain. 

3. Budget-Friendly Strategies 

While festivals can be financially demanding, with careful planning, you can still provide a high-quality experience without breaking the bank. Consider bulk purchasing essential items such as equipment and storage items to significantly reduce costs. Create a budget in advance to anticipate expenses, which can enhance crew efficiency. Moreover, explore opportunities to secure sponsorships with local companies, further cutting your expenses and potentially building long-term relationships for your event in the future. 

4. Health and Well-being 

Preserving your health and well-being is critical for holding a successful event. There can never be enough water available! Ensure that you always have a water bottle or hydration pack within reach, as dehydration can lead to fatigue and impair your abilities. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure there are working water stations all throughout the festival area to keep both the crew and attendees hydrated. To stay fueled and energized throughout the day, pack non-perishable, non-meltable, and energy-boosting snacks, like nuts and granola bars. Finally, carry hand sanitizer, towelettes, and tissues to uphold hygiene throughout the event. 

5. Efficient Storage and Organization 

Efficiency and organization play a pivotal role in your festival’s operations. Fanny packs and utility belts are lifesavers, enabling you to keep essentials close at hand without the need for a bulky bag, particularly when you’re on your feet for extended periods. Should you require more storage, opt for a well-organized and multipurpose storage bag with compartments that keep everything neat and easily accessible. Radio belts and harnesses are also useful for easy access to your communication devices throughout the festival when you need to contact other staff members quickly.  

6. Documentation and Credentials 

Navigating the maze of paperwork can be a festival worker’s nightmare. However, it doesn’t have to be. It all starts with having the right documentation and credentials at your fingertips. It is equally important to understand the meaning of each credential for every individual once you have them, to prevent confusion and avoid granting incorrect access.  

When it comes to granting media passes, a specific set of guidelines must be followed. Ensure that you not only have the required space to accommodate the media team in the pit but also that they are well-informed about any regulations. For instance, they need to be aware of rules such as no flash photography and the restriction to capture media only during the first three songs of the show. Additionally, maintaining a list of crucial contacts, including agents, festival organizers, and local authorities, is your lifeline in case of emergencies. 

7. Weather Preparedness 

Weather’s unpredictability underscores the need for thorough preparation. For outdoor festivals with rain on the horizon, ensure you’re equipped with vital rain gear like raincoats, ponchos, and waterproof equipment covers. On the other hand, when the sun is scorching, safeguard yourself from sunburn and heat exhaustion with sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. Stay ahead of the weather for a successful festival experience. 

8. Emergency Management 

Lastly, readiness for the unexpected is crucial. To mitigate risk, look into insurance plans for your event, including weather and general liability. Investing in the right plan can save an event from significant losses if anything goes wrong.  

Furthermore, having safety and security plans is vital for addressing unforeseen challenges and ensuring the safety of all attendees. One key recommendation is the use of blow-through barricades strategically placed in front of performance stages. This precautionary measure significantly reduces the risk of a barricade toppling over, ensuring the well-being of both performers and the audience. 

To keep performers and attendees safe, steer away from handing out items at the beginning of a show that can cause injury if someone is struck, like a metal water bottle or frisbee.  

In addition to physical safeguards, it’s crucial to keep the security team well-informed, especially if the performer has any plans to venture into the crowd during their performance. This proactive communication ensures that security personnel are adequately prepared and can take necessary measures to maintain order and safety should such crowd interactions occur.  

Finally, establish a reliable communication channel within your team, whether through walkie-talkies or smartphones. Effective communication can make all the difference when tackling unforeseen situations. 


Here at Degy, we have a deep understanding of the festival landscape, and our team is committed to ensuring your event stands out and becomes an unforgettable success. With our practical tips and dedicated assistance, we empower you to navigate the festival scene confidently. Let’s collaborate to make your next festival truly outstanding! 

For more information: contact jeff@old.degy.com 

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