Our Degy Dance division has been providing unique experiences to colleges nationwide as well as to corporate events and festivals around the world. One of our FAVORITE Degy Dance experiences is The Twisted Cinema…

So what is it?

With this Pop-Up event, we arrive with an inflatable movie screen (or screens) and a bunch of headphones. The movie is shown in exactly the way the director intended it to be seen, re-creating the cinema experience in new and exciting locations. It can be anywhere you can imagine, an open field, inside a museum or library, or in the center of a city street during a block party! Each guest gets to experience the movies’ audio track directly into their ears via our unique wireless headphones. Each pair of headphones also comes equipped with a button that allows guests to switch to a second audio track. This second channel opens up some truly crazy opportunities….

“The Movie Zoo”  –   This funny, quirky and unique soundtrack will take place on the second channel and features the same movie soundtrack running on the first channel, but is regularly interspersed with live commentary, in real-time, from a carefully selected group of a few individuals on your organization. These individuals will watch the movie from a separate monitor in a separate location. Each individual will have a mic and will be encouraged to share their thoughts and comments on the movie in real-time (think, Mystery Science Theatre 300!). Expect fun, laughter, insight and opinions galore as you tune into a crazy alternative dialogue to the movie. For an added element, you can book one of the amazing big name or up and coming  comedians we work with to provide commentary that will have the audience rolling!

The “Double Feature”  –  What if you could show two movies at exactly the same time, in the same space, on back-to-back (or side-by-side) screens? then select which movie that want to watch by flicking a switch on their wireless headphones! And better yet, they can keep switching back and forth as much as they wish, throughout the movies. Imagine when one half of your audience stands up to do the dances from Grease while the other half are watching a dramatic scene from Inception.

The Specifics:

  • Our high quality, US-made inflatable screens measures 25ft x 14ft.
  • Services attendances up to 1000 people.
  • Late night movies with loud speakers are never a concern anymore – this will be “silent” using the headphones we’ve provided.



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