We book and assist in producing hundreds of events with universities, corporate events, festivals, cruises, private events, and military bases. When putting on events, there needs to be immense attention to detail. An aspect that often gets overlooked is security, yet it is so important for events. The importance of security continues to increase with recent events of violence around the world.

Every site, event, or festivity needs some form of security. Michael Julian, CEO/President of MPS Security, shares that you can work to make your events as safe as possible by following a few simple steps during the planning process. Take some time to figure out the who, what, where, how, and why:

Who will be at the event? — who is attending, performing, speaking, etc.
What is the focus of the event? — are there controversial elements, are there aspects of religion or different ideologies?
Where is the event taking place? — Is it in a safe location? Is the weather going to have an impact?
How is the event set up? — How is the event being set up and torn down? How is it secured? How is the management?
Why are you holding the event? — Does the event have a positive purpose? Is it an event that occurs more than once? Is there alcohol being served at the event?

Putting thought and consideration to these questions will assist you with knowing what security measures need to be taken for your event. Once you come up with the needs of your event, you will have to plan out how you will meet those needs. Be aware of the regulations of the venue, they differ from location to location.

Make sure your security team is prepared for any situation, expect the unexpected. If your organization doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, have an agency come in and train on how to handle security situations. A well-trained staff makes for a safer event for all involved.

As Gus Brandt (Tour Manager of Foo Fighters & Pharrell Williams) was quoted in Rolling Stone, “Every show’s the Super Bowl”!

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