Updated as of 07.15.20


Can I get a demo or tour of Degy World and the spaces?
Touring DW is probably the best way to get a feel for your events and use cases. Just head over to Degyworld.com and submit a “Schedule a Tour” form for you and anyone from your event or programming team to join us. We run tours daily on request.

Am I renting space to host my event?
Yes. Consider DW as a virtual version of a Conference & Event Center. To host your event of any kind, you would simply rent the spaces you need to host that event.

Is this a membership based or subscription service?
No, though it’s been discussed for the future as we look at other models to deliver the entertainment content. However, what you have now is a rental-based model, where you can rent one, multiple, or spaces for a quoted fee.

What is the cost to rent rooms and space?
Every event is a customized rental because of the hundreds of different space combinations within the world. Each rental also has a variation on the number of VEPs (Virtual Event Persons) that are needed to staff the space. The best way to get an accurate quote is complete a Booking Form on the DW website, and we can quickly return a quote that is specific to your event.

Is length of use factored into the booking price?
The rental length along with a number of other factors including number of participants, date, rooms needed, etc. are all part of the pricing model. We customize quotes to each situation. Please submit a form at “Book an Event” from the Degyworld.com site, and we’ll have a quote in your inbox within 48 hours.

How far in advance do I need to book an event?
One of the great things about this virtual concept is that we need only a short period of time to configure your event setup online and get your registration portal setup and running. Generally, we would like to have at least one week’s notice for bookings – pending availability of course. However, we strongly suggest you try to give 3-4 weeks so that there is proper time to complete the paperwork process and onboard your event with sufficient time to customize and train your event team.

What type of events can you host?
We’ve listed about 20 types on the main page of this site, but we don’t really feel there are limits to the types of events we can host. Do you have an idea that you don’t see listed?

How long does it take you to customize the world for an event?
Customization time is based on the complexity of the event itself, how many spaces we need to configure, and so on. We can generally have an event set up within a day, but we ask that you confirm your booking at least a few weeks out to give us proper time to work through paperwork and other elements with your team.

If I book a private event will other people be able to access the space?
Unlike a real convention center, we have some unique ways to separate rooms and spaces in the virtual space. There is one common area in DW which is the Welcome Area where each avatar starts its experience. So, you may meet some new friends or find some familiar faces in that space who aren’t attending your event. However, the rooms you reserve are exclusive to your event with our VEPs (virtual event persons) monitoring those spaces for your team.

Can I book a space for more than a day?
Multi-day events such as conferences, Greek rush, etc. are always welcome in the world. Again, each event will be priced custom to your needs, so we can accommodate both short and long term events.

Is there a capacity limit?
Not one that we’ve hit at this point. There is technically no limit to the amount of total people/avatars to enter the world as a whole. The largest event tested in the software space is logged at over 12,000. However, in order for the software to run at its strongest, in specific scenes that you enter, if there are too many people present in that scene, you will see a loss of “identity” to your avatar. We call it a “Flat Stanley.” Candidly, you look like you turn into a blue, purple, green blob – and they’re sort of cute, in a blobby way. Once the capacity goes down in that scene or you enter a new area, your customized avatar face will return. While in the “Flat Stanley” status, you can still speak, connect, chat, and do everything that your personalized avatar can do.

Does everyone create their own personalized avatar?
Would it be fun NOT to be able to do this? Of course! Put on a hat, glasses, or some funky colored hair style that you’ve been waiting to try in the real world. Everyone gets a registration link prior to your event to create their avatar. Make sure not to rush things as we all know what it like getting ready with that proper outfit to wear in the morning.

Do I need a computer to participate in the world?
You sure do. For the creation of your avatar and immersion into DW, you will need either a PC, Mac, or other similar computer (laptop or desktop) to download the software onto your computer. You can then delete the software right after your event to clear up the space that we temporarily took in your drive.

Do you have a mobile option for the world?
A mobile platform experience is in production, and we hope to have it delivered soon. Because this is such cutting edge software technology, in order to create this type of immersive experience, you need the ability to create and enter as an avatar. The mobile version released in the near future will likely allow you to participate with a lower level of customization and interaction.

Do I need headphones or any type of special tech for this experience?
In order to reduce an echo when you speak live in the DW space, you should use any type of standard headphones connected to your computer. Those can be the old school apple wired headphones, earbuds, or “big can headphones” like our CEO Ari wears on his bald head. Make sure to connect your headphones to your computer before you begin the registration process.

Do you record chat messages or conversations?
Degy World, LLC. does not record anything in the DW space. Private conversation or public conversation areas are not captured by us in any way. We also do not collect chat information that is conducted either privately or publicly in the space. If you do experience any concerns in the actions of an avatar/individual in the space, please screenshot the chat and report it immediately to an event personnel in DW. We will handle the situation accordingly.

Are you planning to expand your avatar selection?
Absolutely! We want YOU to be… YOU! We welcome any and every type of person in DW and want to allow them to be as much as an unique avatar as they are in real life. The development of these new features will roll out as they are developed, and then you can always go back to update your avatar. Please be patient while our software partners tackle these issues in phases.

What is a VEP that you refer to in the world?
The word “VEP” stands for a Virtual Event Person. These are your event personnel, your tour guides, and your DW staff that are working constantly in the space. If you see someone with VEP over their head or on their badge, please say hi. If you need help at anytime in the space, those are your go-to people to get answers. VEPs are there to guide and help you!

What is the WOC that you refer to in the world?
The WOC is our World Operations Coordinator. This person is roaming around constantly or up in the Degy World Headquarters. The WOC is in charge of all operations in the world and overseeing every event. If you need emergency assistance, please ask a VEP or anyone to get in touch with the WOC.

What should I do if someone says or chats something objectionable or concerning to me?
Just like the real world, the virtual space presents people the opportunity to do bad things. Fortunately, we have several ways to address these types of situations. We will not tolerate crude, offensive, or improper behavior in the world. In fact, anyone entering the world will agree to these standards when registering to enter. If you experience an issue with someone, please report it immediately to one of our staff members – VEPs, the WOC, or anyone on staff at Degy World, LLC. We will take the appropriate action which can include, but not limited to, ejecting someone from the world, cutting their IP address from ever entering the space, and so on. Because you’re able to screen shot your computer screen, please capture any written material or images that are offensive or objectionable so that we can work with you to resolve the situation. We want to insure the best and most comfortable experience for everyone in our world.

What is the Expo Hall configuration?
Every space within DW has different configuration options and alternate setups. Our three Expo Halls (Champions Center, Victory Center and Success Center) are all configurable in different ways. Booth setups include 10x10s, 10x20s, and 20x40s. The floor plan is available on request.


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