Everything you need to know to Access DEGY WORLD

What will I need to access Degy World?

ITEM 1:  Laptop or Desktop Computer (PC & Mac Compatible).

Degy World is a robust virtual experience that at the moment does not have mobile compatibility. You must download the software on one (1) of the above systems (PC or Mac) and NOT a mobile device.

ITEM 2: Headphones. Wired or Wireless.

NOTE:  If using a bluetooth headset, please make sure the headphones are connected to your computer and you test to confirm they are working on your computer PRIOR to launching Degy World. Coming into the world without headphones will create an echo when you (or others) are speaking to others and may also cause feedback making it difficult for people to speak to you.

ITEM 3: Microphone

You will also need a microphone to voice chat with those around you in Degy World. This can be built into your headset, your computer, or be an external microphone connected to your computer as well.  

If you have a firewall, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), or you’re using a work, corporate, or government computer, please connect with your IT department and request that they whitelist the application. If you have a problem with your firewall, please contact your Degy Agent who booked your event.

The registration and avatar creation process will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Once you arrive, you will be met by a Virtual Event Person (VEP) who will welcome you to Degy World. Once they see you, they will begin by asking if you can hear them and then ask you to start talking to ensure the audio is all working properly. As soon as you hear the birds chirping, that is an indication you have successfully entered Degy World. Your avatar moves by using the arrows on your keyboard which your VEP will explain upon arrival. You will click the microphone icon in the bottom left hand corner to turn it green and begin talking to your VEP.


Check out our Degy World Hub If you’d like to learn more about navigating and interacting in Degy World

If you have issues getting connected or once you get inside the world, please check out our DEGY World Support page, send us an e-mail to, or contact the Degy Agent who booked your event.

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