Twisted Cinema

Looking to Book Twisted Cinema?

Twisted Cinema gives moviewatchers a chance to watch a film with friends like they’ve never done before.The concept takes the unique magic of a pop-up cinema and adds in an exciting new twist – listening through headphones.  Each guest gets to experience the movies’ audio track directly into their ears via our unique wireless headphones. Sounds interesting already, right?  But we’ve even taken things one step further; each pair of headphones also comes equipped with a button that allows guests to switch to a second audio track. This second channel opens up some truly crazy opportunities to twist the whole cinema reinvent what we know it into something completely new and insane!  Who says you can’t talk during the movies?  Yes, it’s annoying when you’re at the Cineplex – but when you’re using headphones, you can discuss any aspect or situation during the movie and not bother anyone else who’s watching.  Twisted Cinema will help you see movie-watching from a different perspective.

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