BBYO is coming….


The trusted entertainment choice of BMX entertainment for festivals, schools, half time events and more! “We are all put on this earth for a reason. We are all capable of anything we put our mind to. You can use these powers for good or you can use them for bad. Years ago I chose the ladder. After ending up in jails, institutions and almost dead… I had an epiphany. This was all a part of the journey we call life. I use these experiences to help others. I started this company based on the one thing that separates humans from animals. We only keep what we have by giving it away.” – Jason Perz/Founder


Imagine the fun of bumper cars at the amusement park or arcade brought right to your backyard! We’ve made that happen with the creation of a portable bumper car event that can go virtually anywhere! With its padded walls and sleek floor, its safe and enjoyable for all!


Get ready to take part and bust some moves on the dance-floor with the most exciting and interactive teen party ever. Imagine a dance party where the music is controlled by the people on the dancefloor…where the DJ has no idea what styles he needs to play next…where Hip Hop takes on Pop and EDM…This is DJ SPIN’S MUSICAL ROULETTE! The crowd steps to the stage to control our massive roulette wheel and ultimately, their spin controls the dance party – it’s a game of luck and we’re ready to play it for 3 full hours with you!


Escape Rooms are all the rage this past year with people of all ages participating around the world. The concept is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Escape rooms are inspired by “escape-the-room” style video games. We can bring a professional top of the line experience right to your city. Get ready for us to turn an existing ballroom or meeting room into one of our unique themed rooms! Choose between Spy Sleuth, Harry Potter, or a Doomsday themed rooms. Each room can accommodate up to 12 guests for a 20 minute game. We can also offer multiple rooms at a time, as noted in the breakdown of pricing.


A new twist on the Foam Party Experience and an outdoor event that nobody will want to miss! Instead of those old-fashioned goopy foam pits, Foam Drop fires off tons and tons of their lab-tested foam from the stage in a controlled environment. It’s hypoallergenic, water-based, and remarkably, “dry”. It’s the same foam used on the national tours with Taylor Swift.


All your favorite games now GLOW! Light up your event with mini golf, foosball, darts, ping pong, labyrinth, shuffleboard, frisbee golf, volleyball, carnival games, & oxygen bars. This unique event allows BBYO to pick the games you want, and craft a custom package of games for an amazing all-ages experience. We can even provide the DJ with black lights, an LED Dance floor, and a glow paint station on top! Get the “Glow” and watch your next event shine!


Launched in the UK in 2007, Headphone Disco are the inventors and originators of the ‘silent dance party’ format and have been touring their show around the world for the past 10 years. In 2011 the company set up a US office and since then have performed at nearly 400 college campuses, 10 major festivals, cruise ships, military bases, high schools, and BBYO events! Imagine a dancefloor where some of the crowd are singing along to Taylor Swift, some are raving to Skrillex, and the rest are doing the Wobble right through them! All of this happening live to a soundtrack that only they can hear and control through our headphones! Bizarre, mind-blowing but most of all a huge amount of fun. Zero noise complaints, no outside equipment needed, and fits for every age and demographic!


Light It Up is a glow dance party with an added learning component. Our “Be the DJ” element allows your teens to learn the skills required to spin like real a DJ! We have our staff DJ arrive earlier in the day to teach a “masterclass” for your attendees (spinning, cutting, fading, mixing, etc…). One of the folks in the class will then put those skills to the test in front of their fellow peers by spinning at our insane ‘Light It Up’ dance party alongside our own resident DJ later in the evening. If you’re looking for an event that both educates and entertains, “Light It Up” is your one stop shop!


Paint U will quickly become your new favorite party! Feel the adrenaline rush when the paint starts flying and the crowd becomes the canvas. Get lost in the music and lights as you dance the night away in complete sloppiness with your friends. Get loud, get messy, and share a unique experience unlike any other! Paint U uses a lab-created, washable, water-based paint that is biodegradable, free of allergens, and cleans off any surface. It doesn’t burn on the skin or the eyes. Our Paint U team comes in and “safeguards” the location and cleans it all up at the end of the night. Yes, the paint washes off but you’ll not soon forget the experience!


We’ve taken the classic ‘roller disco’ theme and
re-invented it for the modern era. A roller-skating dance-party, which comes right to you, and features all the fun of skating, alongside the best of DJs playing the most recent Dance, Hip-hop and Top 40 anthems. We rock, while you roll!


Scratch & Bang are a unique hybrid act combining ‘dance party’ with ‘live show’ to create something brand new, fresh and exciting. Every track the audience will hear at an S&B show is a track they’ll know interpreted in a whole different way as renowned DJ and turntablist Vito Corleone works alongside live drummer Mike Bowers to create a ‘live remix’ on the fly. Playing a truly ‘open format’ type set the guys cross-genres mixing up everything from the latest in upfront bass music to classic rock, hip hop to dubstep and club classics to current Top 40.


Who says fitness can’t be fun? At Silent Fit Club we’ve developed a completely new concept that blends elements of yoga, dance and zumba with modern technology and all the energy and fun of an EDM rave. It’s a workout for the mind and the body sound-tracked by our resident DJ’s selection of only the very best in club anthems. Less ‘health-club’ and more ‘nightclub’ each journey starts with a warm-up session of deep yoga before we raise the tempo during our fun, cardio, dance-based workouts, re-capturing the exhilaration and excitement of a full-on rave. And it all plays out through cutting-edge, wireless headphones. There’s no noise made at this event, so the locations are only limited by your own imagination.


Throwback Time Machine is one of the most interactive dance parties you’ll ever experience. A video dance party that transports the audience back in time to the beginnings of pop music and takes them through its evolution right up to the present day. Every memorable song, every cheesy dance routine and every feel-good sing-along from the past 40 years is incorporated in the playlist and run live by our resident TTM DJ. Patrons are called up regularly to activate the time machine button. “The Doc” then takes the video screen back in time and chooses a year. From there, all of the most popular songs from that year begin to play in succession with the on-screen instructions to teach those dances and lyrics to the crowd. If you haven’t been able to figure out the Macarena from your Harlem Shuffle, you will be a pro yourself after a Throwback Time Machine party.


Twisted Cinema gives movie watchers a chance to watch a film with friends like they’ve never done before. The concept takes the unique magic of a pop-up cinema and adds in an exciting new twist – listening through headphones. Each guest gets to experience the movies’ audio track directly into their ears via our unique wireless headphones. But, we’ve taken things one step further; each pair of headphones also comes equipped with a button that allows guests to switch to a second audio track. This second channel opens up some truly crazy opportunities to twist the whole cinema concept as we know it into something completely new and insane!

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