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Degy Roster Artist; Negative 25

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We are Negative 25, a rock band self styled as ‘pop music for alternative kids’. We’re brothers (as far as we know) and best friends who love playing shows where people can be themselves, connect with each other, and celebrate being alive.

Since 2021, our music has been streamed on Spotify alone for a total listening time of 53 years straight. Imagine if that was just one person we forced to listen to us for that long. We’ve been touring for much less than 53 years though, so if you come and see us we promise we’ll make it the best time ever and we will play for way less time than that.

You might’ve also seen us on TikTok. If so, we apologize. But just know that you might recognize us in person because you saw us being dumb online for likes. Let’s both agree to never acknowledge this. But, if you are looking for an infectiously fun, high energy, universally approachable band that looks like it was birthed in a Hot Topic store sometime circa 2005, then we have some music for you.

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