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Monique Hasbun

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Monique has all the makings of being a global artist with her multicultural, international, genre-bending style of music that has led her to be dubbed “The Shakira of Phoenix” by PHOENIX Magazine.

Monique’s journey through music started when she was 12 years old and she picked up the guitar became one of the most prominent self-taught acoustic singer/songwriters in Arizona, until she decided to properly launch
her music career and recorded her self-titled EP in 2018.

Given her global studies, experience, and family background, Monique is taking on a new challenge to pay homage to the sounds within her. She is now an internationally recognized Latin pop artist, who is perfectly blending Latin, Middle Eastern, and American sounds with her own spice and flavor in both English and Spanish.

You can watch her on Netflix’s “La Firma”— a Latin music competition show where Monique showcases her artistry and unique sound.

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